My dear sugar friends! 

I can satisfy my wish: to have websites about my sweet hobby, about sweet collecting. 

But I´m not a typical sugar collector. Why?

  •  I collect only sweeteners at present,
  •  I need to have sugar in my coffee,
  •  I need not to have large collection.

But I enjoy meeting friends with the same hobby, I like to read articles about sugar topics, even in English. I love communication by e-mail and exchange by mailing.

I can regularly add some information about sugar packets from all over the world, insert photos from common events, insert snaps with sweeteners from my collection. I try to find and insert historical photos of Czech sugar refineries. 
Moreover I want to upload some files with applicable information for your download.

Some English information are included under the common Czech - English links, for example Fotky\Photos, Napiš mi\Write me.

I want to insert in my websites your news, your files and information. Write me.
I hope you will find some interests here.